W. Ryan Brooks

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  • rb@baltimoreconsulting.com

Having graduated from culinary school and worked in some of Baltimore’s top restaurants, Ryan is able to harness his creative energy and focus it on design elements of a website and/or application. He also transferred a level of precision from the culinary world that helps to review every detail of a process.

Ryan started working with technology in the mid 90’s through self-taught learning. After a programming course in school and seeing the start of the internet boom, Ryan began doing freelance web development. The next few years provided him with a very solid understanding of the web and the foundation of today’s leading technologies. It was at this point that Ryan truly realized how much of an impact technology has on business – no longer is technology added as a supplement to a business model, now it is quite often at the core of the model. This sparked Ryan’s interest in the business side of technology and led him to begin a dual degree program in Computer Information Systems and Business Administration at Towson University. Halfway through his degree, in 2006, Ryan began contracting part-time with Baltimore Consulting and then joined the team full-time upon graduation in 2008.

Ryan is currently studying to earn his Certified Associate in Project Management certification from the Project Management Institute. He is committed to define and take-hold of any differentiation factor that will help him stand out from the crowd and this certification is just another means to do so. As a member of the NEXUS Committee with the Baltimore County Chamber of Commerce and other Young Professional groups, Ryan is very involved with local businesses and is always looking to connect with like-minded people.


  • One of twelve students selected for an honors internship in Ireland while at Baltimore International College
  • Consistently selected for the President’s List honors at Baltimore International College
  • Inducted into the National Society of Collegiate Scholars in 2005
  • Consistently selected for the Dean’s List honors at Towson University
  • Graduated from Towson University with Latin Honors (Cum Laude)