Professional Services

Strategic Consulting

Our team of consultants provide insight and counsel to our clients regarding trade-offs and opportunities available for making prudent investments in technology.  We will help your organization formulate a strategic agenda outlining how various technologies will be used to meet mission critical needs and stakeholder requirements. Our phased planning methodology is based on helping organizations understand the plan’s purpose, scope, contributors, and audience; identifying appropriate IT visions, goals, and strategies; and developing, executing, and overseeing action plans for implementing the IT strategies.

Content Management Systems

Does your content frequently change? How about a way to allow your writers to publish content through an approval process? These are just a couple of the benefits of a Content Management System (CMS). Baltimore Consulting can develop a custom CMS to fit your business model or tailor an existing package for you.

Text Messaging Integration

Text messaging (SMS) is ubiquitous with modern culture and Baltimore Consulting can help you leverage that to your advantage. Whether this be incorporated into your marketing efforts, or used as a value-added service for your clients, some form of SMS integration will help you stay above the competition.

Many web technologies can be integrated and utilized in tandem to provide a great deal of value to your business and marketing efforts. Contact a Baltimore Consulting consultant to find out how you can leverage these components to your corporate advantage.

Custom e-Commerce Solutions

Whether you are selling a single product, or have an entire catalog of products, Baltimore Consulting can develop an e-commerce solution tailored to your needs. We have also successfully integrated with various third party services to handle shipping, real-time tax rates, and order management.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process by which your website is optimized to achieve higher and better quality rankings in search engines. After identifying your target audience, competitors, and key words, Baltimore Consulting will make the appropriate changes to your content and the technical aspects of the website needed to increase your rankings.

Video Streaming

There is no question that online video is a huge market. In the last month alone over 33 billion videos were viewed online! There is no question that the quality of a message delivered via video is second-to-none (compared to text or audio). Baltimore Consulting can facilitate the whole process of publishing a video online – from the production to streaming from a media server on a Content Delivery Network.