Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

Let me start by asking a question… If someone handed you a piece of paper and asked for it to be cut in half; what would you do? You’d go get a pair of scissors and cut the paper – right? On the other hand, you could go think about the problem, come up with a solution, and fabricate your own cutting device. But why? There is a pair of scissors sitting right on your desk and they work great – solution found!

Take this same thought and apply it to software – or more generally, any technological problem or scenario. You could spend time and money coming up a solution and I’m sure it would work great. However, if there is already a solution available, why not use it?! The ultimate goal is about offering the best possible solution to the client – whether that be something fully customized, a product off the shelf, or some hybrid of the two.

Keep this in mind and don’t reinvent the wheel!